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A message from Susanne Reyto, Noreen Green and Thor Steingraber on Violins of Hope

Suspending Violins of Hope activities was heartbreaking for everyone who had come together around this extraordinary project — musicians, educators, philanthropists, elected officials, arts organizations, churches and synagogues, and the public at large. Our commitment to the principles of Violins of Hope compelled us to dedicate more than two years to prepare for this project. We are rescheduling concerts and school visits during this pause.

The current circumstances with COVID-19 only magnify the importance of Violins of Hope. 

Headlines in the press and pronouncements from global leaders suggest that we have not faced a crisis this severe since World War II. In that chapter of history, as well as the current one, those violins have stood as witness to our collective strength and resiliency in the face of difficult circumstances, and when we emerge from COVID-19, those instruments will again be present to celebrate what is best in humankind. 

That is why we have been working to reschedule Violins of Hope. With the generous assistance of Avshalom Weinstein, we have identified a time period to bring the violins to Los Angeles. Along with our partner organizations, we will reschedule activities in January and February, 2021, with an Opening Night concert by Los Angeles Jewish Symphony at The Soraya on January 14, 2021. In consideration of the uncertainty we all face, we will wait to confirm the complete Violins of Hope schedule when we return to our daily lives after the COVID-19 crisis.

We are grateful for your patience and for your support. Most importantly, we hope that you are taking care of yourself.


The Violins of Hope collection will make the journey from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles in an unprecedented collaboration between the Soraya, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, four Southern California Symphony Orchestras. Under the leadership of Chair Susanne Reyto, Violins of Hope will offer a comprehensive program in Los Angeles County, reaching thousands of people in our community through concerts, students education programs and an exhibition featuring the Violins of Hope.


Israeli violinmakers, Amnon and Avshi Weinstein, have devoted the last 20 years to locating and restoring violins of the Holocaust as a tribute to those who were lost. Today, these violins not only serve as powerful reminders of an unimaginable experience, but also reinforce key lessons of tolerance, inclusion and diversity that are essential for today and for future generations. 

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